The font cover of the Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack.

The Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack is a CD of the Original Film Score used within the film, Rush Hour 2. It consists of one disk on one audio CD, and was originally released on August 21, 2001.

Tracks Edit

  • 1. Rush Hour 2 -- Main Title
  • 2. Out of the Way
  • 3. Mu Shu Parlor
  • 4. Parlor Fight
  • 5. Undercover Agents
  • 6. Isabella
  • 7. Lil Darlin'
  • 8. Shiny Stockings
  • 9. Nevada Mood
  • 10. Cosmo Is las Vegas
  • 11. Like Father, Like Son
  • 12. Sword and the Spear
  • 13. Dragon and the Treasure

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